Brita Stream Rapids Review


I was fortunate to receive a Brita Stream Rapids pitcher complimentary through Influenster for testing purposes. I was excited when I opened the box and found my pitcher was lake blue as I secretly really wanted that color. I honestly had mixed emotions when I heard I would be trying this because of past experiences of systems being a waste to purchase. I would buy systems and they would either be super expensive for filters or they just didn’t work properly. Typically I would quit using these systems because I would find charcoal particles in my water or the taste was just terrible.

I was surprised to find out that the Brita Stream did not leave black specks in my water and had no bad taste. I checked the price of filters and you can get a 3 pack for less than $20. I think that is really affordable and convenient. You only have to change them after every 40 gallons so they should last you months depending on your water usage. It filters as you pour so you can get great-tasting water 10x faster. It also filters with ice added which is great so I can take it outside on hot days and still enjoy delicious cold water. I like to use mine to refill my keurig that way I can have better tasting water for my coffee and tea.


I really love this pitcher because it is slim and fits in my fridge easily without taking up too much space. My family loves the way it makes the water taste and it is easy for even the kids to grab and pour. It keeps the water colder than the water bottles in my fridge and tastes much better. The filter change indicator is a nice added bonus that way I don’t forget to keep changing the filter. It flashes as you pour and lets you know it is working and lets you know when it is almost time to change your filter. I tend to not write these things down or remember so the indicator is handy.

I fully recommend this pitcher to those that want better tasting water and a convenient way to filter your water. I don’t recommend this to those that need their water purified as this states it does not purify your water. It only filters out the bad odors and chlorine that is in some water sources to give you better tasting water. Don’t use this if you water is unsafe to drink as it will not help. My water from what I know is safe to drink but it does not taste very well so the Brita Stream really helps with that.


Change Your Stream Filter

Step 1
Flush your new Brita Stream filter with cold water for 15 seconds.

Step 2
Insert filter into filter cage with blue ring facing up. Press filter until it clicks.

Step 3
Install filter cage onto lid with a firm twist.

Step 4
Activate electronic indicator. Fill pitcher and enjoy great-tasting water.

Features You’ll Love

  • Available in multiple colors
  • BPA free
  • Controlled pour for filling bottles
  • Easy-fill lid
  • Electronic filter indicator
  • Filters ice water
  • Locking lid
  • Space efficient design
  • 10 cup capacity


  • Height: 10.75 in.
  • Width: 5.63 in.
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs.
  • Model #: OB55

WHAT IT FILTERS: Your Brita® Stream™ pitcher helps reduce the amount of chlorine taste and odor that’s found in some tap water. See the User’s Guide for more details.

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* I received a Brita Stream free/complimentary through Influenster for testing purposes however all opinions are my own.  

Candy Club Review


If you haven’t heard of Candy Club yet then you’ve been missing out. It is a monthly candy subscription box delivered straight to your door. Various premium candy options to choose from every month available all year-long. Candy selections will vary from time to time. (chocolate availability depends on weather conditions) Here are some of the options that may be available.


You can take a quiz to help them have an idea of what candies you prefer. If you like the options it chooses then you can order those or swap them out for the candy of your choice. If you don’t choose your candy every month then they will be chosen based on your candy profile.


You can purchase a box for yourself or purchase a gift subscription for friends and family. It makes a great gift for any candy lover. If three candies are not enough for your sweet tooth you can add up to three more selections for an additional cost. Every box also includes wrapped filler candy thrown on top. (Filler candy changes every month) There are three subscription options for those that like to save by pre-ordering numerous months or for those that just like to pay month to month.


I chose to get a one month subscription with three candies. My candy selections were Hershey’s kisses, Pearson’s bit-o-honey, Arway chocolate drizzled Carmelcorn, and received Atkinson’s rainbow twists as the filler candy. I was really hoping for some salt water taffy but there wasn’t any available when I ordered so maybe next time. I really enjoyed my selections as did my daughter which stole most the kisses. My husband stole a lot of the caramelcorn so I know what his fave is. I really enjoyed all four candies.


The containers are really neat and they keep the candy really fresh. They are reusable and are great for not just candy but for Q-tips, cotton balls, beads, change, etc. We reused them once already for my daughters candy for Valentine’s Day. I plan on putting cotton balls and Q-tips in them next. They fit quite a bit inside and are very handy.


This is a great box to receive in the mail and is packaged in a fun way. It is great to open it up and find delicious candy inside. I love that they throw surprise fillers on top it’s a nice added bonus. I wish I could afford to get a box every month because I really enjoyed it. Myself , I will only be able to get one occasionally maybe for a gift for my daughter on holidays or a special treat ever so often. If you can afford it I totally recommend this box and suggest you get a 6 or 12 month subscription that way you save a little. Once you’re a paid subscriber that has ordered without a coupon you can get referral rewards for up to 5 friends which is another nice incentive for subscribing.


If this box seems like something you would be interested in purchasing feel free to click on any of my affiliate banners below. I will post a couple different deals just click on the deal you want and it will take you straight to candy club and it will automatically add the deal.

Disclaimer: I received this box free to review however all opinions are my own. This review also contains affiliate links or banners in which I will be compensated if you purchase through my link. If you would like to purchase without using a deal or my links you can by going Here

Suave refresh & revive dry shampoo


I enjoyed trying out Suave refresh & revive dry shampoo it is great to use in between showers when my hair could use a little boost. It made my hair feel and smell cleaner with just a few quick sprays. It’s super easy to use even my daughter likes to use it after gym class to freshen up her hair for the day. My hair is really thick so it is hard to keep it clean and even after one day it already feels greasy and not fresh. With this dry shampoo handy it gives me an option when i don’t feel like showering everyday. It’s Infused with mineral clay and silk powder which absorbs oil and refreshes hair. I will be honest and tell you the scent is not the greatest but it is not terrible either i would prefer a rose scent myself.  All and all it is a great product and affordable.

If this sounds like something you would like to try for yourself you can purchase it online at Walmart for only $2.89 by going  Here


STEP 1: Shake can before and during use. Spray on lifted sections of dry hair, 8-12 inches from roots, where hair is most oily.

STEP 2: Massage through roots to absorb oil evenly.

STEP 3: Brush through for hair that is revived and full of body.

Ingredients: Isobutane, Propane SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Butane, Fragrance (Parfum), Isopropyl Myristate, Silica, Kaolin, Silk Amino Acids.

* I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster,but all opinions are my own! 

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Sunbelt Bakery Chocolate Chip Granola Bar


I received this Sunbelt Bakery chocolate chip granola bar free in my bloomvoxbox complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but it’s not the first time I’ve tried these. They are super delicious and i have always loved them the fudge dipped is my favorite however chocolate chip is also very tasty. 

I really love these but they are very addicting so you must have good self-control to keep boxes in your house or you will eat the whole box in a day. I don’t have self-control at all when it comes to chocolate so I can’t keep boxes of these or other snacks in my house so I’m glad i was only sent one bar. I will however buy me a couple at a time when i happen to go to a store or gas station because i do really love these they are very good. I love they are made with granola so they are a little bit healthier than some snacks but with any tasty snack you can’t gorge yourself so moderation is the key to eating what you want and still staying healthy really wish i could follow that. My daughter really loves these also but she is like me and will keep trying to steal them throughout the day so if i get them for her lunch or something i would have to hide them. I hear a dark chocolate bar is coming out so may try them out my daughter would love those as she really loves dark chocolate so maybe we will get some for a snack in her lunch.   

There are a lot of flavors if you tried any let me know below what your favorite kind is and if you are able to just eat one. 🙂 Here is a link to the Sunbelt Bakery website so you can check out there great products and use the store locator to find products near you click >>> HERE 

To check out their FB page click >>> HERE

April’s Horror Pack


April’s horror Pack which is my first pack and a good one very happy with it I didn’t have any of these yet. I chose the Blu-ray pack because i have only a couple of horror Blu-ray movies since i just bought a player so figured it was a smarter choice. I have a lot of horror DVDs so figured if i do get one i already have then at least i wouldn’t have it on Blu-ray. I personally think the Blu-ray titles seem better than the DVD titles but they do have titles i haven’t heard of sometimes those movies turn out to be really good but think I’ll stick with the Blu-ray pack. I have seen all but woman in black but only seen them once and i think on Syfy so will be happy to re watch them without stuff cut out and the hostels i don’t think I’ve seen all the way through either. I watched woman in black today and really liked it kinda creepy better than most horror movies i have watched lately. Very happy with my first pack and love getting surprises in the mail so can’t wait to see what’s in my May horror pack.

If you wanna join it is $24.99/MO for BR and $19.99/MO for DVD and both free shipping and you get 4 movies sometimes more if you get a multi pack or double feature. Titles are all different on each pack so if you subscribe to both you will get 8 different movies. To join click Here and get $3 off your first pack 🙂

April’s Horror Block


April’s horror block is my first one and it is a pretty good box filled with all things horror and a great deal for the price. I love the Hellraiser pinhead pop vinyl figure it is a great item to collect and my first pop vinyl. The horror block exclusive graveyard salt and pepper shakers are pretty cool and would be great to put out on Halloween. I have never seen the editor so it will give me something new to watch and add a new blue-ray to my collection. The rue morgue magazine I can read up on all things horror and read about upcoming movies,clothing,and more. The Cthulhu patch is cute i could add it to a jean jacket or purse a very cute horror block exclusive item. One big reason i love this box and wanted to order it is you get a different horror shirt every month and i love horror shirts. This months shirt was 28 days later from ShirtPunch which is pretty cool love the red in black together.

Next month there will be an item from Penny Dreadful,The Omen,Friday the 13th,Turbo kid, plus more so make sure to sign up now so you don’t miss out. Posting this late so only 9 days left to sign up for May’s horror block so hurry or you will have to wait till June’s block. 

 Horror block is 19.99/month plus shipping if you choose monthly or discounted if you choose other subscriptions. If you don’t like horror there are other boxes to choose from at different prices. To join and purchase a box you like click HERE